Award ceremonies will be held at the main stage in the events plaza in the center of Blue Mountain Village once race results are deemed official from the finish line commissaire (typically 45-60 minutes following the race finish for each group).

Results will be posted on

UWCT Ceremony for Women and Men
The top three first riders of every age category (women and men) will be called to the podium to be receive medals and a jersey for the winner

UWCT Finisher Medal
Every rider to finish in the first 25% of his age group in the UWCT qualifier events shall be given a medal
UWCT Age Group winners’ jersey
All winners of their age group get an official UWCT jersey on the podium during the award ceremony

UWCT UCI 2015 Active Short Sleeve Jersey 1

Ontario Cup Medals
The top three riders of every category for Junior Women and Junior Men will be called to the podium to be awarded medals.